Auckland Council On-site Wastewater Design and Management Manual (TP58) – a Further Update

On 22 February I posted an update re TP58 indicating that the Environment Court was to receive a revision to the regional rules relating to on-site wastewater system permitted activities, and the role of TP58 within those rules. The Consent Order from the Court was issued on 19 June. It decouples TP58 from the rules so that the 2004 3rd edition of the design manual is no longer locked in to requiring a rule change for any amendments to the manual. The rules now refer to TP58 2004 or any replacement design manual.

This means that Auckland Council can make changes to TP58 as and when required to keep up with developments in design and management practice. As indicated in February, just which division of the Council is to begin the updating process we are yet to learn. I will keep you posted with progress.

A copy of the Consent Order Annexure which sets out the rule changes is accessible in PDF format from the pages sidebar to this blog (see “Auckland Council On-site Wastewater Design Manual (TP58) – Consent Order”} .


AS/NZS 1547:2012 On-site Domestic Wastewater Management – an INDEX

An “Expanded Contents” version of the “Contents” pages of AS/NZS 1547 was posted by On-Site NewZ on 6th May 2012 for access in PDF format from the Pages sidebar of this blog (see “AS/NZS 1547:2012 On-site domestic wastewater management [Expanded “Contents” pages]”). The accompanying blog post explained this was provided as an aid to users of the new Standard to enable them to find information directly from clause, sub-clause and sub-sub-clause items.

Most recently On-site NewZ has continued its examination of the provisions of AS/NZS 1547:2012 in order to provide commentary re implementation and use of the Standard, and found that even with the expanded contents pages it is hard to nail down all information available on specific topics. Because of the size of the Standard (420 clauses, sub-clauses and sub-sub-clause headings in the 47 sections and 20 appendices, all in 208 pages) it is very difficult to find connections with a specific topic item across the full content of the document.

On-Site NewZ has thus prepared an INDEX of topics and sub-topics as an aid to the on-site domestic wastewater industry in Australia and New Zealand to assist in zeroing in on specific information. A copy is available in PDF format from the Pages sidebar of this blog (see “AS/NZS 1547:2012 On-site Domestic Wastewater Management – an INDEX”).

It should be mentioned that the INDEX is by no means fully comprehensive. It takes up 36 pages with 350 topic areas and 1900 sub-topics, and this does not cover by any means the potential list of topic areas. For example, “freezing” is not covered in the topics, but if you download the PDF you can search “freezing” and find it is mentioned in 3 of the sub-topic listings. “Freezing” is also mentioned a couple of times in Tables K1 and K2 but most of the information in these tables has not been indexed as there is so much of it, and after 36 pages On-Site NewZ had to call a halt somewhere.

So, the best way to make use of the INDEX may well be to use the “search” facility on your computer for the topic you are interested in. If you would like to expand the INDEX to cover additional items not cited but which you want to call up regularly for your own purposes, ask On-Site NewZ for a copy of the Word file which you can then adapt as required.