On-Site NewZ BLOG Upgrade [4 June 2013]

This On-Site NewZ BLOG was initiated on 26 December 2011 to replace the quarterly hardcopy subscription versions of On-Site NewZ which commenced publication in July 1996 with Issue 96/1 and finished up in October 2011 with Issue 11/4.

After 16 months operation this BLOG upgrade has involved expanding the Pages content  to ensure that key content is more readily accessible through topic area and index pages via the top items on the sidebar (see the Home page sidebar). The purpose is to make it easier to find the way around the overall content of the BLOG postings and Pages.

These key items at the top of the sidebar are as follows:

A1-1: About On-Site NewZ

This introduces On-Site NewZ and outlines its purpose.

A1-2: On-Site NewZ BLOG Posts Topics

A cumulative list of all postings since 26 December 2011 is cited on this page. They are listed in sequence from the latest posting to the earliest posting (rather than alphabetically). Scrolling through the full list will quickly identify all topics, and any specific posting may then be quickly accessed by going to the relevant month cited in the Archives list on the sidebar. As new postings are added to the BLOG, this Page will be updated on each occasion.

A2: On-Site NewZ 1996 to 2011 – Contents Section INDEX

The whole set of 62 hardcopy issues of On-Site NewZ along with the 19 Special reports produced over the 15 and one half years of publication have been topic indexed. There are around 990 topics cited in the index which has been assembled in two versions. This first version (Section INDEX) groups the topics within 14 section areas. Where indexed topics are dealt with in the Editorial of a specific issue this is identified in the listing by “Ed”. The “SR” label in a listing refers to content in a Special Report (see A7 below).

A3: On-Site NewZ 1996 to 2011 – Contents Topic INDEX

This second version of the INDEX cites the 990 or so topics in alphabetical order. With some 16 and a half pages at up to 60 topics per page, the easiest way of checking out the content of the INDEX may be to use the Adobe Reader “Find” box for searching the PDF file for the material of interest.

A4, A5 and A6: PDF Files of all 62 Issues

These are assembled in five year blocks of 20 issues (although the 1996 to 2001 period includes 22 issues as only two issues were produced in 1996 when publication started). Each year provides issues in January, April, July and October. Once an item of interest has been found from either INDEX then the relevant On-Site NewZ issue can be accessed and downloaded from the appropriate block of issues.

A7: Special Reports 1996 to 2009

A separate group has been compiled for the 19 Special reports over the years. The INDEX labels these with an “SR”.

Any suggestions as to improving accessibility to the information on this BLOG will be welcomed.