NZ On-site Wastewater Training Courses – Discussion Document from OPUS

OPUS Environmental Training Centre (ETC) has been working on a proposal to institute formal training courses to NZQA Unit Standards for on-site wastewater management. The ETC objective is to enable practitioners in the on-site wastewater industry to achieve performance standards in design, installation and maintenance to meet regional council and territorial local authority certification requirements.

In the absence of national criteria for competency in design/installation/maintenance, those councils updating their rules for on-site wastewater management are looking at limiting acceptance of applications for on-site wastewater systems to those practitioners with an approved training qualification. OPUS has taken up the challenge of developing suitable training courses to the 2008 unit standards so as to fulfil a nationally recognised training need, and replace the ad-hoc training courses which have been intermittently available to date.

To view the OPUS discussion document go to the Pages Sidebar of this blog, and open up the “NZ On-site Wastewater Training Discussion Document” page. The contact for providing a submission or comment on the proposals is Hugh Ratsey of OPUS ETC at