Time to lift the game around On-site Wastewater Management

On-Site NewZ has received feedback regarding the 28 March post entitled “Time to lift the game around On-site Wastewater Treatment”.

There appears to have been some editorial confusion in reporting on the discussions at the Christchurch workshop in which the Water Journal article referred to “treatment units” being the subject of the proposed “best practice guide”.

A correspondent to On-Site NewZ noted that

“at Christchurch we were more concerned with on-site wastewater management and recognised that treatment was only one factor in this and somewhat minor compared with investigations and overall design, designers capability, Council process approvals, operation and maintenance, ongoing service contracts and reporting and so on”.

The writer indicated that

“the meeting clearly confirmed that treatment and OSET-NTP certification was only one aspect of the bigger picture of on-site wastewater management. For example Andrew Dakers was critical of Council approval of OSET certified plants in that he then found Council officers approving an overall design because it included an OSET certified plant, without considering the overall site investigation and design”.

Hence the commitment by Water New Zealand is for the development of a Best Practice Guide for On-site Wastewater Management which will focus on a “whole of system” approach.

The Pages Sidebar item of 26 March has now been replaced by an On-Site NewZ amended version of the Water Journal article which reflects the comments received above, the new title being “Time to lift the game around On-site Wastewater Management”.